Welcome back fellow crafters!! Here's another project I was busy with. This was made for my mom for her Birthday!!! Weird birthday card right!?! Well there's a story that brings it all together!

My mom has decided that she wants to travel!! She's been talking about getting an RV for over a year now and just going everywhere. So I sold my car and bought her an RV!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! She is just in LOVE with it!! She's been spending time downsizing her belongings and slowly moving herself and her cats into this RV and she has even named it…. Sweet Sue!! How cute!!!

I got this file from Leo & Mary at SVG Cuts. My sister thought it would be super funny to put underwear on the line outside instead of the flags that originally came with the file.

I know it's not a traditional card by any means but it was too perfect!!! Plus the box is going to come in handy for her to put small things in so they don't move around on her while she's driving! She's quickly learning that things need to be put in boxes or Velcro'd down while she's driving.

Since she named her Sweet Sue I thought it appropriate that the license plate say that! What do you think? This file was soo much fun to make and meant a lot to me since my mom is making some big life changes to do this! I worry about her in this thing but she is soo excited that you just can't not think it's the best idea on earth!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! I KNOW dad would approve!!!

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