A Cutting Cafe Nail Polish Treat Box

Hi everyone!!! My post today is a file that I got from Regina at The Cutting Cafe. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her files!!! They're cute and they are SOOO much fun to make!!!! This one is the Nail Polish Box Holder Template. It's super cute and you get TWO different style boxes in this template, plus a few extras including sentiments! 

I altered mine ever so slightly and mixed two different files together for one project. I wanted the Nail Polish Box Holder and I wanted it to be a greeting card on one side as well. To do this I also used The Cutting Cafe Nail Polish Shaped Card Invite Set and just adhered it to one side of the box!!

Then just added the sentiment inside!

 I made this for a co-worker to give to his girlfriend for her birthday. She's a girlie girl who just LOVES pink and nail polish!! Soo...PERFECT!!!!! Hope you enjoy!!


A Wedding Card

Here's a wedding card I've made for a friend to give. I used the Assorted Card Folds Template file from The Cutting Cafe to create the card base. I didn't want the shaped edge so I cut it down a bit so that the card folded over itself on each side. The wedding is beach themed and is on the beach here in sunny Southern California so I had to add a real star fish. The card is very simple and elegant which is exactly what I wanted. Check out Regina's files at The Cutting Cafe! I just LOVE her stuff!!!

I'll be adding another wedding card for the same wedding a bit later so check back!! I'm so thrilled to go, it's my first gay wedding!!!


Bootcamp LA Birthday Card!! HOO YAH WARRIOR!!!

I attend an outdoor fitness program 3 days a week called Bootcamp LA. It's an outdoor fitness program that resembles a military style bootcamp. It's soo much fun and a lot of HARD work!!! The instructors are the most amazing people I've ever met!! Truly motivating!!  I wanted to make a birthday card for Major Kerwin that was super personal....here's the end result.  

Major Kerwin was in the US Airforce and was also finished tops in the para rescue special ops indoctrination!! AMAZING!!! This also gave me lots of room for customizing!!! You'll notice I put his name patch on, the branch of Military he was in and the patch for para rescue, he even got the Major rank insignia on his collars which are the little gold things.

Now here's where it gets really fun!!! When you open the fatigues it opens up to the Bootcamp LA
T-Shirt!! Super cute right!?! Guess what??? Not done yet!!!

THEN the Bootcamp LA T-Shirt folds down into Superman uniform!!!! Sooo much fun!!! Of course, I had to dry brush in the 6 pack abs!!! I mean the Major has an 8 pack, but the 6 pack worked on the card...hehe!

The sentiment is set up to speak to each layer:
A Soldier....
A Warrior.... (this is what he calls us at Bootcamp)
A Super Hero......

I had SOOOO much fun making this card!!! Not to mention my boyfriend actually helped me with finding the correct patches and emblems!! Yay team work!!! He loved doing it....hmmm....maybe a card maker in training!! HAH!!!! I really hope you enjoy this card as much as I do!!! The tutorial for the fold down, layered card came from http://mayas-hobbyblogg.blogspot.com/2009/07/jacket-card-with-tutorial.html  Thanks Maya!!!!


A Beautiful Birthday Card For My Boyfriend's Dad

This is a card I made for my boyfriend's dads birthday. It was soo much fun to make!!! It also took a really long time!!  Lots of new techniques for me. Good thing when I find a paper I like for a project I always buy multiples....hehe.  I made a TON of mistakes learning how to do this one! The techniques were scrap lifted from several places, like http://layersofink.blogspot.com/2013/05/reading-chair-pop-up-tutorial.html and here http://diningroomdrawers.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/pop-n-cuts-3-d-chair-card.html

I just love Karen Burniston Pop N Cuts cards, they're soo much fun!!! The front door opens up to a Father poem and I really wanted to customize this card as much as possible so the address on the door is the actual address of the house my boyfriend and his sister grew up in. The amazing part is that his mom and dad still live there!! Soo much history.

Then you open the card up and find all kinds of fun little surprises!!! Like a rolled up newspaper on the arm of the chair, 2 birthday cards on the Foyer table and my FAVORITE... a framed picture of my boyfriend with his little sister from when they were kids!!!  Isn't it the cutest!?!?!  I can't wait for his dad to see this card!!!!  He will LOVE it!!!  I know I do!!!!


My Dad

Today is my late father's birthday.  He passed away Aug. 29th, 2012 a the age of 81 years old.  My father was an amazing man that loved his family!!! He had 14 children!!!  Yes folks, 14!! & I'm lucky enough to be the baby!!!  I love you dad!!! Happy Birthday!!!!  Mom and I miss you soo much!!!

My First Design Team!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!

SOOO awesome!!!  I just got on my very first design team!!!  WOW!!! I will be on the design team for Regina at http://thecuttingcafe.typepad.com !!!! I'm soo thrilled!!!!  I've seriously only been working at paper crafting since January!! Make sure you come back and check out some of my projects. I'll be posting my first design team project the week of September 1st!!!  I sooooo can't wait!!!!

The Cutting Cafe


Football Fan!!

My co-worker is a HUGE football fan!!  I always tease her because she can hold some crazy conversations about sports with anyone, plus she's SUPER fashionable.  Gotta love it!! Well she's from Phillie so the Eagles are her favorite!!  I got this file from svgcuttingfiles.com and used my SCAL2 to trace an image of the eagle head from google which I think it said they use to use that image on their helmets.

Another Game Controller

So my boss saw some of my work and placed an order for a card for her son's 12th birthday! He's a big gamer and she always telling me about her trips to Game Stop for her 2 boys.  Hope he loves his new controller!! 

Oh yeah, I got a new camera to photograph my work!! I'm super stoked!!! That iPhone camera just wasn't cutting it. plus my new DSLR camera is plum color...PERFECT!!! Pics are soo much better now!!

HAPPY 4th of July!!!

This card was SOOOO much fun to make and I learned LOTS of new techniques making it!! It was made for my sisters Birthday which happens to be on the 4th of July and she is OBSESSED with everything patriotic! So when I saw this tutorial on karenburniston.typepad.com I had to make it!!

Now I'm obsessed with Pop 'N' Cuts by Karen!  Jeeezz.....yet another addiction to add to my vast array of addictions!!! I think my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy....but hey...I'm having fun!!!

I used the All Dressed Up framelits and dies by Karen for Sizzix.

Wedding Card

This is a wedding card I did for my sister in-laws friend. I bought the template for a $1 or $2 from http://valitasfreshfolds.blogspot.com she's a very talented artist. I LOVE the ribbon bow-tie and the embossed dressed! I painted the dress with making memories pearl paint.