Welcome back fellow crafters!!! I'm VERY sad to say that this is my last Halloween project this year :(! I just LOVE Halloween, it's always been such a MAJOR MAJOR part of my life ever since I was a little kid!! My mom and I use to stay up ALL NIGHT working on my Halloween costumes!! Even in my mid 30's it's just as important!!!

This weeks design team project for Regina at The Cutting Cafe was SO much fun!! We had the choice of ANY Halloween file!!!! Okay, so I have to warn you; I actually didn't choose a Halloween file for my base project. I chose to work with her House Shaped Card BUUUUT..... I turned it into a haunted house and used Halloween printable stamps to embellish! Here's the end result!!

AWESOME RIGHT!?!?! I LOVE IT!!! Okay so here's the breakdown; again, I used the House Shaped Card. It came with two full windows and the little arch-way window, but I decided to add three more windows!! I used the trim in the middle and shortened it to make trim under each window and the bricks for the steps under the door. The door was embossed with a Sizzix wood grain embossing folder and I used stickles for the door knob. The witch is from Pazzles Craft Room.

I used black glitter paper for her outfit and she had to have red glitter shoes!!! The ghosts, bats, fences and broom that is sitting against the cauldron are from The Cutting Cafe Halloween and Fall Colored Basic Images Printable Stamp Set. So I did actually use a Halloween file for this!! With those I converted them to an SVG file and loaded them into SCAL2. I like to build and size everything in there and have a complete rendering of the card before I start cutting. Like this:

Here's the ghosts:

The pumpkin trio is from Pazzles craft room and so is the cauldron. Again, the adorable broom is from The Cutting Cafe Halloween and Fall Colored Basic Images Printable Stamp Set.

And here is the inside:

And a close up:

I really hope you enjoy this card!!!  IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN to make!!!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!! Here it is again in case you want to look at it as much as I do!!! Hehehe



Hello again fellow crafters!! This weeks project for Regina at The Cutting Cafe was a ton of fun!! We got to make pillow boxes!! We were able to do any theme and choose from Bunny Poop SetChristmas Pillow BoxSnowflake Pillow BoxAssorted Pillow Box or Halloween Pillow Box Set. I choose the Halloween Pillow Box.

I decided to do mine a little on the gross side!! I wanted it to be witch warts!! EWWWWW....hehe. 

I used a paper that looks like it has warts and I flipped the cut out on the box so I could cut it horizontally. I also added some spiders with red glitter glue to make them look like black widows! The spiders are from The Cutting Cafe Huge Spider Printable Stamp Set. I also used green peanut M&M's for the warts!! YUMMM!!!

Here's the back with more Spiders!!

And a close up of the poem!

This was a really fun project to make and my boyfriend thought it was really fun after taking the pictures to eat the warts!!! Hehehe! Hope you enjoy!!


A Soccer Mom Card!

Hello again fellow crafters!! I wanted to share a card I was commissioned to make. One of my co-workers wanted a special card for his wife's birthday! She's a major soccer mom!!! Her two boys are amazing at soccer and she is having a blast getting into it as well and taking them to their different practices and games!

The names on the back of the jerseys are her two sons, her husband and their dog Bella! Complete with her own little dog bone! How cute!!! 

Of course, hers is the pink jersey and she's the referee!!  Kind of appropriate I thought anyway!!

Here's the inside. I found this really cool soccer ball font that worked great!!

Hope you enjoy!!!



Hello fellow crafters!! Sorry I missed last week's project, I was in Texas for work. While I was there I had a chance to visit the Texas State Fair!! SOOO much fun!!! And lots of fried food....YUUUMM!!!

Here's a picture of some of my co-workers and me at the fair! I'm the tall one without the hat. The hat makers were working hard to glue on the Rhinetones as I waited!!! HEHEHE

While working in Texas my company introduced a new recognition program and I WON IT!!!! So it turned out to be a pretty great trip!! Although, I found myself thinking a few times, "I wish I brought my Cricut with me!" Hehehe

SOOO on to why you all came here....the project!!! This week for Regina at The Cutting Cafe we again had three files to choose from; Halloween Trio Printable Stamp SetA Bunch of Monsters Printable Stamp Set or Crazy Candy Corn Printable Stamp Set. I choose to work with the Crazy Candy Corn Set. I just LOVE IT!!!!

Now I changed it up a bit! I converted the candy corn mummy .pdf to an SVG file and loaded it into SCAL2. I enlarged it, flipped it and welded it... and VOILA.... a Halloween Card!!! I can't get over how cute this printable stamp set is and how much fun it was to work with!! I also converted the candy corn bat into SCAL2 and put him on a "leash." Don't want him to fly away!!! Now the boys are ready to go Trick or Treating!!!

Of course, the printable stamp set came with some super cute sentiments! I choose to use, "I know it's kinds corny, but I'm batty for you!" How cute!?!

In the mummy's other hand I added a Trick or Treat bag for some good candy stash!! I found this in the Pazzles Craft Room.

Here's the inside!

I hope you enjoy the card as much as I enjoyed making it!! Regina, I just LOVE your files!! They are SOOO much fun to work with!!!