A Beautiful Birthday Card For My Boyfriend's Dad

This is a card I made for my boyfriend's dads birthday. It was soo much fun to make!!! It also took a really long time!!  Lots of new techniques for me. Good thing when I find a paper I like for a project I always buy multiples....hehe.  I made a TON of mistakes learning how to do this one! The techniques were scrap lifted from several places, like http://layersofink.blogspot.com/2013/05/reading-chair-pop-up-tutorial.html and here http://diningroomdrawers.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/pop-n-cuts-3-d-chair-card.html

I just love Karen Burniston Pop N Cuts cards, they're soo much fun!!! The front door opens up to a Father poem and I really wanted to customize this card as much as possible so the address on the door is the actual address of the house my boyfriend and his sister grew up in. The amazing part is that his mom and dad still live there!! Soo much history.

Then you open the card up and find all kinds of fun little surprises!!! Like a rolled up newspaper on the arm of the chair, 2 birthday cards on the Foyer table and my FAVORITE... a framed picture of my boyfriend with his little sister from when they were kids!!!  Isn't it the cutest!?!?!  I can't wait for his dad to see this card!!!!  He will LOVE it!!!  I know I do!!!!

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