Another Father's Day Card

During my hours of looking for new techniques online I ran across a blog that I love! It's http://www.cricutchick.com she has some really great projects that she's done!!! Plus I love the blog design!!!  Btw, be on the look out for my new blog design!! Madeline from The Shabby Vanity at   http://themelemanor.blogspot.com is currently working on designing my blog! She also did Cricut Chick so I had to have my design done by her!! 

Anyway, I saw the coolest idea for a Father's Day card on cricut chick's blog and decided to do it for my boyfriends father.  I got the tool box at www.svgcuts.com  and the tools from http://cre8ivecutz.com The tool box didn't come with a tray in it so I used the tray from the cre8ive cutz tool box and re-sized it for my tool box.  I also cut a 1.5'' circle and then cut it in half to make the handles for the tray.

Once you pull out the tray full of tools there's a YUMMY surprise at the bottom!! 6 pieces.....errrrr....I mean 5 pieces (I got hungry!) of See's Bordeaux Candy!  This is my first 3D project!!!  Seriously fun!!!

BTW, can you tell I'm getting way into this??  I got a stamp made that reads: Handmade With Love By:
That way I can stamp it on and then sign my creations!!!